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Using This Website as an Outsider

Please fill out the form below to become a member and get free access to the ministry evaluation supplement. 

I will not ask you what your calling is, because it is highly unlikely that you will be able to tell me exactly what you are called to.

One of the biggest mistakes most people make is confusing ministry and calling. And when they combine the two together it gets even more confusing. 

Are you called to be an Evangelist, a Pastor, a Teacher, a Prophet or even an Apostle? Or are you perhaps called to Business?

The truth is that none of these are actually callings. They are ministries that we engage in as part of our calling. And that is why it is possible that you could function in more than one of these.

This website is designed to accomplish the following:

  1. We want you to identify your ministry orientation
  2. We want you to identify any additional Business Orientation
  3. We want to see if you are headed for the Apostolic Calling
  4. We want you to learn how to find out your calling
  5. We want to show you the best directions to take in order to accomplish all of these. 

How We Will Accomplish This

The first thing we would like to offer you, to help you identify what ministry and business orientations you have, is to give an updated ministry evaluation project. 

Some years ago I put together a system containing 150 questions, which were designed to help you find out if you were called to be an Evanglist, Pastor, Teacher, Prophet or Apostle. The results were pretty varied and left folks wondering what they were really called to. And not many who went through that evaluation ultimately ended up fulfilling any real calling.

They studied hard, and qualified for many of the Fivefold Ministries and then sat back, carrying a new title, but not knowing what to do with it. At the best, those who qualified in our training ended up setting up their own training centers, and the cycle repeated itself over and over again.

We were producing students who qualified to teach others to become students who learned to teach others to become students. 


We Must Build The New Church

It is not enough to learn about ministries or even qualify to function in these ministries. You MUST also know what you are supposed to do with these ministries once you have learned them. 

In the end our goal is to build the Body of Christ, to establish new churches based on the correct Scriptural pattern, and according to the pattern God has set for the new church. 

This Ministry Is Designed With That Goal in Mind

So if you have a passion for the work of God, and believe that the Lord has called you to minister for Him, we can help you identify what you can do, should do, should learn to do and should become.

We have totally revamped the evaluation questions, reducing the total number to exactly 100 and giving you more relevant options to choose from. But we will also show you what to do with all this knowledge, and how to truly fulfill the UNIQUE CALLING that God has placed on your life. 

If You Are Called to be an Apostle

The Apostolic Calling is a complex, varied calling that could never be fully assessed through a series of questions. We attempted to do this in the past and found that anyone who was a strong leader tended to select the Apostolic Options. 

This did NOT mean they were necessarily called to be Apostles. 

So we have now removed that option, and the results of this evaluation will instead tell us what ministries you have had exposure to and functioned in. We have asked you some additional personal questions to go with your final results, to help us assess whether there is any Apostolic Orientation. 

Using your results, combined with our own revelation we will be able to guide you effectively into where we see you are headed and what you should do next.